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Natural Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty) - Dr. Barry Eppley

The shape of one’s ears has a significant influence on how one looks and their self- esteem. Ears that stick out too far or are too big are a source of embarrassment, whether one is a child or an adult. Otoplasty, often called ear pinning, is a very simple and highly effective plastic surgery procedure for bringing protruding ears back into balance with the side of one’s head and face. Your ears should blend in with your facial profile and appearance and should not stand out as a dominant facial feature. Natural otoplasty by Dr. Eppley results achieve a balance between not sticking out too far but not being too close to the side of your head either.

Earlobe Repair and Reconstruction

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As part of the ear, the earlobe is a frequent site for rings and piercings. Whether it be a women or a man, the earlobe is an equal opportunity area for self-expression. Because the earlobe has no cartilage, ear ring holes can become enlarged, split or stretched out. Earlobe repairs are often needed for making an enlarged hole smaller, putting back together a split earlobe, or total earlobe reconstruction from stretched or expanded earlobe wear. Dr. Eppley does many earlobe repairs in the office under local anesthesia with virtually no recovery and can help you get back a natural looking earlobe again.

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